Must Have Fashion Item For Intern Student And First Jobber

Kamis, 05 Oktober 2017
Must Have Fashion Item For Intern Student And First Jobber

Banyak yang bilang, anak magang dan first jobber has a nerd and plain style. Kenyataannya? It’s a big no! Ditambah lagi now we are living in fast fashion era, hal ini nuntut kita buat terus perbaruin isi lemari. Our closet is a crucial thing to our style!

Trend yang terus berganti, bikin kita jadi super boros karena harus selalu fashionable selama ngantor. But don’t worry  dengan fashion item ini kita bisa ngehemat budget belanja, karena this items bisa kita mix and match dengan apapun yang bikin style kita as intern student and first jobber nggak plain dan ngebosenin!


From thin cashmere, cotton to heavy wool knits, cardigan will perfectly fits our needs no matter what occasion or season we are in. Bisa dibilang this fashion item can be styled to any look sesuai dengan kebutuhan kita. Buat kita yang nggak pede sama bagian belakang tubuh, kita bisa nyamarin our body shapes pake long cardigan. Pilih warna-warna soft biar gampang di-mix and match ke fashion item lainnya kayak maxi dress, jumpsuit, basic top atau floral dress. Printed cardi juga bisa bikin look kita nggak ngebosenin. We can wear simpe v-neck shirt and black jeans, complete pur outfit with mules is perfect idea!


Fashion item ini bener-bener multifungsi! Work, going to interviews, or even just for a nice lunch anytime, a white top should be great idea. Buat bawahan, fashion item ini juga so easy to mix. Kayak jeans, cullotes, pencil skirt, midi skirt. It's also a good idea to buy one a size larger than you normally wear buat nunjukkin kesan oversize. Finish it with a statemaent necklace, loafers or ballet flat. Perfect!



Jeans it might be jadi fashion item yang pasti dimilikin sama semua orang. Banyak banget jenis jeans yang bisa kita mix and match kayak skinny, boyfriend, classic dark wash, frayed, and many more! These jeans are great for casual days at work, or even just pairing with a basic tee lho! Wear a jeans with black blazer and our favorite graphic tees is highly recommend! Kita bisa bikin look kita nggak terkesan nyantai with blazer and leather jacket. Pilihan warna-warna blazer yang shock juga bikin look kita makin fresh! Don’t forget to scarf around your neck yang bikin tampilan kita makin chic.  Jeans pants perfect for wearing over any pair of boots, flat or heels kok!



Denim jacket looks fantastic over almost any dress in our closet! Kata siapa denim jacket nggak bisa kita pake buat ngantor? Selama kita bisa ngakalinnya, bisa kok jadi look yang semi formal nggak terkesan mau main. We can pair our denim jacket pake wide pants sejenis kulot, high stiletto heels, a chic clutch, and basic tee or sheer tank top. Bisa juga midi pleated skirt yang so girly, kita mix pake denim jacket yang oversize. Totally chic!



Selain jadi penolong ketika our look so boring, scarf juga bikin penampilan kita makin stylish. This fashion item always end up with any look. More fashionable look with the simple addition of a scarf! Jenis scarf juga banyak banget, ada short, long, square-shaped, rectangular, sheer and opaque. When we wear plain top, better buat pake scarf yang bermotif kayak leopard pattern, abstract or animal pattern. And vice versa, ketika atasan kita udah playfull lebih baik kita pake scarft yang polos ya!


Well, terbukti kan, As long as kita bisa mix and match item-item diatas, kita bisa tampil dengan style yang maksimal to start a day!